Art Directors

We’re looking for a small group of talented AD’s that we can call on to work on various projects on a freelance/permalance basis.  Some assignments may be short term, others could last a virtual lifetime :-).

Qualifications:  We’re looking for artists with creative vision and great technical skills.  One of the projects we’re looking to staff right now is a female-focused wellness brand and website–creating social content, potentially directing photo shoots for fashion and product offerings, etc. So if you aren’t an actual female, you’d need to prove that you have been in touch with your feminine side!  Ability to work in the Adobe Suite is important and experience in After Effects and Premier are preferred.

Location:  Flexible, although we would love to see you at our creative studio in the heart of Laguna Beach.

Experience:  3+ years of compelling work for sophisticated, marketing-driven clients.  Digital savvy is a must.

Bonus Points:  Please share links to work and any business writing samples.  Yes, this is an AD job, but went need you to be able to communicate with us and potentially with clients.

Posted 2/1/19

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