Clippers Playoff Run
Shared by admin Friday, April 26, 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The NBA Playoffs are upon us and the Clippers are holding it down for LA. What kind of agency would we be if we didn’t send our team into basketball war with a Playoff pack filled with goodies?

Take a look at all of our in-arena work as our master plan of turning Staples Center red finally kicked into action. In addition to a complete arena refresh, we also created a splash page to drive Playoff ticket sales.

Every big moment deserves an equally big TV spot. We crafted a brand new Playoff specific spot that truly showcases the heart of LA, the spirit of the fans and the mindset of the team. Check out the TV spot below and remember to full-screen it and turn up the volume!
With the Playoffs already underway, we are hooked to the TV set watching every play and will keep on cheering until we hang that banner in the rafters!