Teaching students how to brand themselves
Shared by admin Friday, June 9, 2017

What does leadership mean to you?

This past weekend, HEILBrice had the privilege of hosting 20 high school boys from the Encuentros Leadership organization. Founded in 2003, the program is an outstanding mentoring program that helps inspire a more successful future for high school and middle school aged Latino boys. During the 4 hour workshop, our departments focused on one word: individuality.

After listening to CEO Hal Brice share his story, the students were shown the creative process from start to finish that takes place in an agency by sharing their own stories. As the guys drafted created briefs, we helped them choose which words to emphasize and feature on their posters. Taking the teenage kids through the process of branding themselves really helped them understand the importance of being true to yourself. B




Here are some examples of the final ads the kids created to brand themselves and use as a cover for college admissions:




In every individual is a possibility for success, and in every success there is a team of leaders working to change the world. Encuentros proves just that.

Create your vision, and make it come true.

To learn more or donate, visit: http://www.encuentrosleadership.org/programs/leadership_academy