Robert & His Treats
Shared by admin Friday, June 22, 2012

The recipe for this month’s birthday treat, Devil’s food cake with black pepper boiled icing, called for cacao nibs. But I had no idea what they were.

So armed with an old issue of Bon Appétit, I ventured to the organic health food store that just opened a few blocks from my house. Expecting to walk up and down every aisle in search of the mysterious cacao nibs, a store clerk came to my aid and walked me to the exact spot where I could find them. But before I could thank him, he began telling me that cacao nibs are nothing but fermented cocoa seeds with some of the shells still attached, giving it a crunchy yet tender texture like a macadamia nut, only with more sophisticated notes! Needless to say, I was in awe not just of what cacao nibs are, but also the quality of service I received. Always a sucker for great service, I have gone back to the store many times since.

A professional baker I am not, but I think the mile-high Devil’s food cake with black pepper boiled icing came out pretty good—thanks in no small part to the store clerk who helped make grocery shopping fun and enjoyable once again.

So, Debbie and Chris: Happy Birthday and may both of you have many more decadently sweet years to come!

Love, Robert

(HEILBrice’s VP of Operations)

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