4 Things You Can Do Today – So Get Started
Shared by Another Idea from HEILBrice Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everyone, businesses and consumers alike, are looking to save money. Here are some free (that means no cost) tactics to add to your arsenal of marketing solutions. You can roll these ideas out on the web to help build your brand today!

#1 Be the expert. The truth is, you’ve spent some serious time researching your industry, developing strategies, and building a quality product, but if you aren’t trying to establish yourself as the expert in your field, consumers aren’t going to listen. Show people you know what you’re doing and that you are ready to meet their need better than anyone else.

#2 Give your target something to laugh about. Arguably some of the most memorable advertisements have an element of humor. People love to laugh and they’ll be more likely to talk about something that is funny around the water-cooler than something that just says “buy my product”. Put together some short videos for YouTube or work on some witty pieces for your website – this is how viral begins!

#3 Personalize your email efforts. When was the last time you opened an email from sales@mycompany.com? Never. Anything that’s this generic or has something about getting us to spend money in the address doesn’t take long to make its way to the trash. Don’t stop your email campaign, but try to be smart about it. Send a message from a personal address that includes a full name. Don’t send these emails out everyday either. Would you open an email everyday from one of your favorite companies? Limit these emails to no more than one a week. Keep them casual, simple, and to the point.

#4 Network with the people that matter. Using one of the many social networks to get your brand out there can be one of the most cost effective tactics – but only if you’re reaching out to the people who matter (industry experts, industry journalist, associations, and core targets). If you are in the paint business, you probably shouldn’t spend too much time reaching out to high school cheerleaders and their thousands of friends. The world of social networks is vast, so focus your efforts. This will also show your customers that you’re not interested in trying to be all things to all people and that your goal is to meet their needs and desires.

These are four simple steps that aren’t going to cost you any money and you can start them today. Do these and you’ll be laying the ground work to do something bigger and more extensive in getting your brand noticed.