A defiant pose of a little girl makes headlines but what should follow?
Shared by taylor Saturday, March 18, 2017

The overnight sensation “Fearless Girl” statue was recently installed in the iconic financial district of New York City. The young girl proudly stands before the 28 year old charging bull, in a posture so defiant it looks as if the bull will soon completely bow to her.

As flocks of tourists pose for selfies next to the installation it is obvious that “Fearless Girl” represents much more than a powerful statement—it represents a movement. Could this emulate empowerment for all women in both the business world and throughout their everyday lives? If so, how will we take this powerful message and transform it into action?

According to the U.S Census, women make up more than 47 percent of the workforce and make up at least a third of physicians and surgeons, along with lawyers and judges. The future work force of women, will be a force to be reckoned with, as 55 percent of all college students are female.

Perhaps Queen Bey was right. “Who run the world?…Girls.”



McCann’s Senior Copywriter, Tali Gumbiner, and Senior Art Director, Lizzie Wilson, spearheaded the  “Fearless Girl” campaign. Their strategic goal was to (obviously) make a statement, but to keep the girl relatable. That is, giving her character Women are able to see something of themselves in. But, the primary message is meant to make the World, at large, rethink what leadership should be and change the perception of what every company should look like-with Women involved!

Studies show that women involved in both the business and economics of a community increase (at times, double) the prosperity and financial stability. The women effect, a global phenomenon, has put this idea into action around the globe.

Women in the work force have become a guiding pillar and their positive impact is being immediately felt. As we look toward the future, Women are encouraged – by a young girl on Wall Street – to be bold, resilient and fight for their rightful spot in both business and society.

We, at HEILBrice, call for action in every Company. Few people possess a keen knowledge about the makeup of Corporate Boards, and these boards make decisions that impact every stakeholder and client / consumer. It is of utmost importance. Good Corporate decision making involves the necessity of different points of view and advancing Women to positions of leadership is imperative. Currently, Women hold only 19% of Board positions in America. We call for change. Do you?

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