All-Star Studded Lineup
Shared by admin Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Other than being the number one team in LA, the Clippers are keeping pretty busy. Chris Paul is MVP, Blake Griffin is an All-Star and Lob City is on its way to recording the best season in franchise history. How do you improve on that?

Fill the arena down to the very last seat.

HEILBrice teamed up with the LA Clippers to make sure as many people as possible will be able to see Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin dunk and destroy other peoples NBA careers live in person (Video Below). So we crafted a comprehensive and targeted campaign with an All-Star flair to drive sales and raise awareness of the remaining affordable level seats in Staples Center.

Our campaign, along with the exciting spectacle that the Clippers put on, increased ticket sales and reinforced the well known understanding that the Clippers always were, and will always be All-Stars. Check out more of the campaign pieces below, as well as a clip of Deandre Jordan’s infamous dunk, just for fun.