Connecting Friends, Fans, and Brands
Shared by Another Idea from HEILBrice Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Would you be more likely to become a fan of something that your friends and family are fans of? Of course! Facebook knows this and they’re leveraging it. Today, a new feature is available to marketers that will allow targeted ads to display who in your network is a fan of the brand.

If you have a fan page and have struggled with growing your fan numbers, this might be the fix you’ve been waiting for. You already know that you could only target those who opted to become a fan of your brand, but now you can connect to others outside of your fan base through your fan networks. Let’s say that I am fan of Pepsi. If Pepsi wants to run an ad that connects with the Pepsi Fan Page, they could easily target me as an existing fan, but now, they’ll be able to reach out to my entire network of friends who will also see that I am a fan of Pepsi. The idea is the expand marketers reach, but also to allow brands to associate with individuals in hopes of bringing in new fans. Facebook has always been careful to keep networking at the center of its operation, and this type of approach will ensure that brands aren’t able to maliciously infiltrate the network. It’s believed that this new tool will allow fan pages to not only create larger numbers, but will allow them to create more meaningful conversations and connections with users are most likely to become valued customers.

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