Do you know the REAL meaning of a “Brand?”
Shared by admin Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A brand is much more than a business, logo, ad campaign, window display or website. It is a complete personality, a sum of all its parts; a collection of feelings and perceptions about quality, image and lifestyle. Thoroughly developed and strategically creative brands evolve through emotional attachments and mind share — an irreplaceable competitive advantage and everlasting value in the modern marketplace.

A true brand is everything consumers understand or feel toward a product or service, and every point of contact helps to forge this meaningful relationship. In today’s competitive business climate it is crucial to build a brand of integrity, to establish a complete personality and to emotionally connect with the consumer: delivering a total brand experience that spares no attention to detail, from beginning to end.

Successful brands are built over time by virtue of countless creative (and strategic) decisions which reflect a specific style, essence and emotion. They are consistent, engaging and focused. The brand knows itself well. A brand, in essence, is a story written from the inside out, one that defines the promise, purpose and vision of a business. It takes relentless dedication to intimately convey and appropriately deliver this story while simultaneously building the foundation upon which it will unfold through time.

Ultimately, building a brand means establishing heart space and mind share — it requires effort, authenticity and commitment. History has revealed that when trends fade, style remains. When the market climate shifts, real relationships grow. A successful brand imprints a memorable mark, profound experience, tells a brilliant story through vision and voice — in every moment, for all of time forward.

— Maria Woike