Does Your Radio Make You Feel Old?
Shared by admin Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does your radio make you feel old?Is it still too early to call a form of electronic media a classic? While email is less that 20 years old, with the advent of social media, smart phones, and other contemporary means of communication we use these days, email has lost some of its relevance. Our youth, what I have seen referred to as “Generation Text”, rarely use email anymore. It’s not that they necessarily see it as passé; rather, it’s just not the most practical way for them to communicate. However, email continues to be a very effective channel to reach customers, clients, and partners.

Kara Trivunovic, senior director of strategic services for StrongMail (which isn’t just email, by the way), provides an interesting perspective in her article “Does Your Radio Make You Feel Old?

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