Email Offers Are a Mom’s Best Friend
Shared by Another Idea from HEILBrice Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It’s no secret that mothers of small children represent a huge and powerful market ($4 billion in annual household spending to be exact). As retailers we’ve relied on this demographic, and should evolve along with it. A recent study by digital advertising agency Brunner, finds that reaching moms through email is not only effective, it’s expected.

This is an invitation, not to flood inboxes, but rather to send smart, compelling offers at a well-paced rate. Here are some helpful numbers:

  • Approximately 45% of respondents indicated they prefer to receive email correspondence from any one brand about once a week.
  • Nearly 50% of respondents said they tend to read emails with time-sensitive subject lines, such as “50% Off Today Only,” first.
  • Nearly 85% of respondents said they wanted to receive coupons, and approximately 78% said they preferred to receive information about sales and promotions.
  • Nearly 73% indicated they might make a special trip to the store after receiving an email containing a coupon or promotion.
  • More than 63% said they print coupons for brands they use or want to try so they have it for their next trip to the store.

And if they’re at home with the kids, then they’re on Facebook, too. 60.3% of moms are checking their Newsfeeds, which is above the adult average of 50.2%.