Forget The Guilt. Follow The Craving.
Shared by taylor Sunday, March 12, 2017

90% of Americans regularly enjoy ice cream, with the average person eating 48 pints a year.

That’s enough ice cream to fill the Grand Canyon, we think. Or cover Mt. Everest? Regardless, it’s a LOT of ice cream. And with that, thousands of pounds of sugar plus fat content that rivals the Big Mac. – #worthit – In those incredible moments where the first bit of minty sweet chocolatey caramel cookie dough cream hits your taste buds… all becomes right in the world. It’s almost as if ice cream has a way of transcending itself from frozen tasty treat to magical medicinal wonder, the seventh world wonder.

But, now, Ice Cream has become even better. Those good ol’ days of feeling uncontrollable excitement as the ice cream truck turns the corner toward your house don’t hold a candle to the excitement you’re about to feel for this…

Halo Top Ice Cream Container

HALO TOP Ice Cream. The low-sugar, low-carb, gluten-free, low-fat pint of absolutely incredible deliciousness in lots of flavors. (We highly recommend Birthday Cake and Mint Chip.)

If you happen to be staring at the 280 calorie per pint message printed on the packaging, you’re – seriously – not hallucinating. Halo Top is the new answer to Netflix nights, the “special” monthly days in every girl’s life and uncontrollable sweet tooth. Because, in some heavenly way, an ENTIRE PINT is 320 – 180 Calories, dependent on the flavor.

Goodbye bowl. Hellllloooo spoon and pint. Just dig right in.

It should come as no surprise that Halo Top is flying off the shelves across the country. Not just because of its incredibly low calorie / sugar / fat content but also because it uses plant-based sweeteners to avoid the common blood sugar-spikes and (ugh) bloating.

CEO Justin Woolverton developed an incredible product – absolutely necessary for the success of any brand – and supported it with very focused Marketing. His efforts have certainly paid off. Sales exceeded $65MM by the end of 2016, with growth surging in the New Year. How’d he do this?

SOCIAL ALL THE WAY – The entire marketing budget, give a few small dollars here and there, is dedicated to social media. From content sponsorships to revving up its own online channels to interacting in a unique tone with its audience and telling its story across all channels. Most of their time (and team) is focused solely on building and growing the Halo Top community in an authentic and consistent way.

FOCUS, FOCUS – Far too many brands make this mistake… not focusing on one BIG message. Or the one unique selling point which sets them apart from competitors. In this case, Halo did it right. They identified their strongest sales point as being the low calorie count and made it front and center, everywhere you look. Sure, their other amazing benefits are communicated but they identified that the consumer immediately latches on to calorie count and made that message the hero.

THE NAME IS EVERYTHING – Never forget the critical importance of a name. In the case of this magical ice cream, “Halo Top” hit the nail on the head. Just ask Halo about the halo effect. And take a look at the glorious gold tops. It’s all very…magical.

Do yourself a big, big favor. Follow Halo Top on Instagram at @halotopcreamery. And stock up on every heavenly pint at a grocer near you.

And make sure you’re stocked come July 16th. #GameofThrones Season 7 begins.