The Friendship Shelter
Shared by admin Sunday, September 29, 2013

friendship shelter

The Friendship Shelter of Laguna Beach is a wonderful place.

Since it’s known for being an affluent area, many people might not realize that homelessness is a real problem in Orange County. At the last biannual count in 2012, statisticians counted 18,325 homeless individuals in the OC. And due to economic struggles and the return of veterans who are unable to work, homelessness is on the rise…


Thankfully, there is the Friendship shelter. Their mission is to help the homeless regain self-sufficiency and become more productive members of the community. The provide year-round emergency shelter and provide transitional and rehabilitative services to break the cycle of homelessness. And this year, they’re celebrating 25 years of doing just that!


HEILBrice had the joy of designing and printing the invitations for their 25th Anniversary Gala. Coming up this fall, it’s going to be a Great Gatsby-themed soirée where members of the community come together to support and celebrate all the wonderful work that the Friendship Shelter has done and continued to do. We are so thrilled to be a part of it!