Great Response For Direct Response
Shared by admin Friday, August 29, 2008

There has been a recent increase in the use of direct response television (DRTV). While traditional television advertising levels remain flat, DRTV has seen a significant lift within the past year.

Buyers and sellers cite several reasons for the upswing in DRTV advertising, including cost, measurability, accountability and higher engagement. They also note the growing number of response platforms beyond the traditional 1-800 number call center, including various Web destinations and mobile sites. DRTV rates are on average about half the cost of traditional spots, buyers say. One trade-off: no audience guarantees. Also, sellers can preempt DR spots without notice if they get a better deal for the time. Adweek 8/25.

HEILBrice aggressively forged this territory several years previously with our client Piccadilly Restaurants. Piccadilly is a buffet style restaurant with units primarily in the South and Midwest. DRTV allowed us to purchase television more efficiently while providing the spot length needed to convey a quality in the kitchen message that resonated with both new and existing customers. Most importantly, sales responded.

Time will tell if DRTV is encroaching on traditional television ad placement over the long-term but it is clear that advertisers are being more creative with their DRTV applications thanks to new technology and some good old-fashioned media creativity.

Jay Drummond, Senior Vice President, Media Director