Ideas That Build The Community!
Shared by admin Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yesterday was a great day at HEILBrice! As part of our Ideas That Build The Community program, we had the privilege of hosting a great group from KidsWorks in Santa Ana. We showed them what it was like to edit a commercial, to do a voice over, how agencies work, and answered a lot of very insightful questions from them.

Then we gave them an assignment. Compose an ad, just like we do every day. The product? You. They filled out a creative brief to determine what their unique points of difference are, worked on the copy, and then sat over the shoulder of one of our talented art directors for the final layout. We wanted them to know two things: 1. Figure out what your natural gifts are and then figure out how to leverage them, and 2. It’s OK if the path you take in your work life isn’t a straight one. But along the way, never forget point #1.

HereĀ  are some of the ads, which they completed in a total of about 90 minutes from assignment to print out. When the time comes every one of these guys will make a great addition to any team!