It’s Time to Make Friends
Shared by Another Idea from HEILBrice Monday, June 1, 2009

Great creative ad campaigns are important, but there is a little something more you can do to help build brand loyalty.

New media technologies are changing the way consumers learn about brands and products. Consumers are not as willing to believe what they hear on the radio or see on TV, they also want to know how other real people feel about brands and products.

The internet has become a place where virtual friendships can thrive. Of the top 10 most visited websites, five are for the purpose of connecting people. These sites include Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. With these sites, users share more than just their vacation stories, they tell others about purchases they’ve made, movies they’ve seen, and restaurants they’ve eaten at.

What do all of these things mean for your brand? First, there are many low cost opportunities for you to take advantage of. Posting videos on Youtube and keeping in touch with your target on Twitter are free! More importantly, these sites create an opportunity for your brand to build more than just an economic relationship with your customers. Brands now have the ability to share opinions, funny or interesting stories, and a more personified side of the brand with their target in an casual and simple way. Get on Twitter and tell your customers what you are up to and what you are working on for the future. Tell them about new products or services you have available, or about the weekend discount you’ll be giving.

Naked Pizza in New Orleans, specializes in healthy pizzas and has used blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to not only build brand awareness, but have used it to let their target know about promotions, menu updates, and sharing a laugh with consumers by frequently posting jokes and sarcasm. In fact, the “for delivery” billboard above the pizza joint has now changed to a “follow us on Twitter” billboard. During a one-day promotion advertised on Twitter, Naked Pizza reported that sales increased by 15%.

Building a relationship takes time. The likelihood of consumers falling in love with you after one or two “tweets” is slim, but by being persistent and keeping a presence in front of your target, you’ll begin to plant a seed, one that will hopefully grow into a mutually beneficial relationship.