Jana Water Makes A Splash!
Shared by admin Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How do you debut an established European brand to North America and have fun at the same time?

Two Words: Social Media.

We teamed up with our new client, Jana Water (pronounced Yah-Na), to create a campaign that would achieve all of their objectives and spread awareness of their product like free cocktails at an advertising mixer.

The Mission: Introduce Jana Premium Artesian Water to a new audience and inform them on the importance of water content and where it comes from.

With our mission in mind, we created the “Become The Source” giveaway! Our giveaway prompted fans to enter for their chance to win free cases of Jana Water shipped directly to their door. We asked that entrants simply “Like”, Comment and Share the contest in addition to submitting their email.

The Outcome: By using Shares & Comments, we were able to quickly spread the awareness of Jana Water and its source; A 7,000 year old Artesian aquifer 2500 feet below earths surface in the picturesque mountains of Croatia! By spreading the word amongst friends of fans, we targeted a more important consumer base that is more likely to be interested in purchasing the product seeing as how they are connected to someone who already has interest!

Oh, and we also increased their engagement and North American fan base by 60% in UNDER 3 months! Take a look at the giveaway above and check out the Jana Water Facebook page for more information on this pH perfect water about to take over in 2013!