There Is Joy In The Arrival
Shared by admin Monday, July 15, 2013

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8 days.
Nearly 50 miles.
19,300 feet above sea level.
It was the trip of a lifetime… one of those “bucket list” items that you always want to accomplish, but are never quite sure it will happen.
My son and I, along with my brother and his son traveled to the top of Kilimanjaro via the “Lemosho” route which took us through rainforest and deserts and glaciers and almost every other eco-system you can imagine.  Despite the physical exhaustion, every day when we’d arrive at our campsite, the crew traveling with us (porters and guides and cooks) would sing in the most encouraging, happy and inviting way (video below.)  What a great way to sum up the days accomplishment with such joy!  You should have seen the song on the day we accomplished the summit (Alas, my iphone was out of power that day – you’ll have to take my word for it 🙂

I’m trying to institute the policy now that every time I arrive somewhere, there is some sort of song & dance!