Los Angeles Tourism Market Outlook Forum | Caroline Beteta
Shared by admin Wednesday, August 14, 2013


At the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board’s first ever Market Outlook forum, Caroline Beteta, President and CEO of Visit California spoke about the enormous impact of visitors to California.  The numbers are incredible:  Tourists spend $292 million dollars per DAY!  That’s $202,000 every minute!

California Tourism is focused on China.  By 2015, China will account for more visitation and more spending than the other top four nations combined.  There are now more people in the middle class of China than the entire rest of the world.  Since 2003, we have had an 897% increase in Chinese visitors.

Visit California’s Brand model is changing.  Previously, broadcast TV, then secondary off-line media and third, digital media.  Now they have flipped the model upside down:  There’s smaller brand TV, followed by lots of focus on specific targeted digital opportunities.

There are five Experience Pillars:
1.  Family Fun
2.  Culinary
3.  Culture and Entertainment
4.  Outdoor Adventure & Recreation
5.  Luxury & Indulgence

The focus is now on “Family Fun” especially because of the billions spent by California attractions to improve their attractions.  The new “Kids At Play”  spots which showcase kids experiencing fun all over the state, are testing far better than any other spot California has ever produced.

Another big win is California Restaurant Month, which has grown dramatically.  Over 30 cities are tied into it.

There’s lots of great research on California and more updates at industry.visitcalifornia.com