Make The Most Of Managing
Shared by taylor Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We’ll begin by stating that our (tight-knit) HB Team is all about great communication, great efficiency and doing great work. But, to be fair, all of those things take WORK. A lot of work. In fact, we meet to discuss proper file naming so our clients have the tidiest folders, meet to discuss the proper use of platforms we’ve implemented so that our clients are given the fairest estimates and transparent use of our time, we meet and meet and meet. It seems the meetings never end.

You’ve probably been in meetings quite similar, felt the same things. Perhaps even called these meetings yourself. Watched as eyes glazed over or an air of restlessness suffocated the room.

It can be frustrating. Getting an entire team on-board to participate in productive communication, help manage efficiency and still be inspired to do amazing work is hard. But, it’s completely possible.

First, with all the platforms available to help manage communication and time (so long Email), it’s so important to pick one that helps your team…just…get s*&t done. Become experts in that one platform and set up standard operating procedures, develop a rulebook, to help your team know how and WHY to use this platform. NOTE: The WHY is important. Make it very clear WHY a new platform or management tool is being implemented and HOW it will help everyone on the team. Simply, empower your team.

Here are a few of our favorite management and communication tools for you to check out:

1. ASANA – A tool for teams to assign projects, tasks and track progress of work completed per project. Great for large groups.

2. SLACK – “Team communication for the 21st century” as they like to call it. Basically, it’s a messaging app for your team. You’re able to set up different group channels, have private conversations, send files and connect all your other platforms.

3. STATUS HERO – Daily team check-ins and goals. Just as if you were going to write yourself a to-do list in the morning but everyone on the team can check it. Helps you and everyone know exactly what you’ve got on your plate.

4. HOOTSUITE – If you’re managing multiple social accounts it’s a pain to log in and out of each account on various platforms. Hootsuite keeps it all in one place so you can monitor every platform you’re working on.

5. LAST PASS – This remembers your passwords. Easy.

6. RESCUE TIME – A personal analytics service that shows you how your time is spent and provides tools to help you become more productive.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of team management tools for you to choose from. The list above merely represents some of our favorite at the moment. Depending on the type of team you’re managing it’s important to do a significant amount of research to help ensure you’re picking the right tool for the right reasons.


Why the pause?? Well, let’s set one thing straight. The entire point of implementing new platforms, communication methods, management tools is to ensure SIMPLICITY in our far too tech-saturated world. SIMPLICITY is the key to doing good business and empowering a team to do their greatest work.

As Leonardo Da Vinci so brilliantly stated…



 So as a manager, an owner, a member of the team—anyone and everyone from janitorial to the C-Suite, it is simplicity that will run the great companies of the future.


1. Identify exactly what is it you’re needing to manage and why. Speak with your team about it. Are they having the same issues? What are you needing from them that you’re not getting and vice versa? Let this be an open and honest discussion.

2. Note whether the programs you have in place are doing the job or causing more chaos. You’re likely already using email, text and the occasional phone call but what else is in place to help ‘all systems go.’ Are you using redundant tools to do the same job and just spreading people’s attention over multiple spaces? If so, you could be jeopardizing your organization’s productivity.

3. When (and if) implementing a new program into your management structure make it an inspiring process—and EASY—process so your team finds the platform helpful to their jobs.

4. Don’t overload. While it can be tempting to use the latest software and gadgets and gear to manage both your own time and your teams, don’t overdo it. Less is more.

Lesson to be learned here: Don’t use five hammers when one or two will do the job. Over communicate. Be picky. And be honest when it comes to managing. The more transparent everyone is with each other, the better the business becomes.

We’ll leave you with this math equation for the logicians in the crowd:

5 minutes wasted per day using multiple tools * 100 people in your organization * 365 days per year * $50 per hour = $150,000 per year in wasted productivity.

Work for simplicity.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.