Meet Our Newest Team Members
Shared by admin Thursday, March 27, 2014

We’re always finding new ways to bring fresh new ideas to the table to help grow your business. Over the past few months, we were able to welcome a few new faces to the HB family to help us do just that. Say hello to our newest team members!


Team Member: Betsy Stevenson | ACD, Copy


Betsy is loving the collaborative atmosphere and “smart, awesome people” at HB. She comes up with engaging hardworking concepts and copy that moves us, and the profit needle for clients.

Fave Book:

The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio by Terry Ryan. Terry tells us the story of her mom, Evelyn, who writes jingles, ads and poetry in the contest era of the 1950s. She used her winnings to raise 10 children despite her alcoholic husband’s abusive ways.

Weekends Are For:

Enjoying the outdoors, hanging out with my husband when he’s not traveling the world, taking my elderly yet energetic dog, Zoe, to the beach, and catching up with friends and sleep!

Best Idea You’ve Had in a Long Time:

Visiting China. Truly eye opening.

Place You’d Most Like to Visit:

Italy, Spain, Germany – pretty much everywhere.

What You Must Do Before You Leave This Earth:

Complete one of the books I’ve started writing!


Team Member: Matt Furman | Account Executive


From project management to client interface to new business strategy and presentations, Matt is rotating hats big time. Being involved with so many facets of the business allows him to work closely with every HB department and produce innovative work for our clients.

Fave Book

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Weekends Are For

Family and activity. I love the beach and spending time with my family and friends.

Best Idea You’ve Had in a Long Time

It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission, unless you’re dealing with your spouse or significant other.

Place You’d Most Like to Visit

Thailand or Munich during Oktoberfest (again).

What You Must Do Before You Leave This Earth

Write a book.


Team Member: Malachi Silva | Assistant Account Executive


Multitalented Malachi manages the digital (SEM/SEO/SMO) elements of the marketing mix, integrating them with offline efforts. He summons his strategic side to set KPIs and create social media engagement campaigns. And he works across HB departments to ensure marketing plans meet the clients’ objectives to a tee. Busy guy!

Fave Book

I’m always on Facebook. Oh, you said ‘fave-book‘! I’ll go with Proverbs. So much wisdom crammed into 31 chapters!

Weekends Are For

Homework! But when my MBA program isn’t overwhelming my life, you can usually find me at my box (CrossFit Newport Beach) or enjoying a relaxing evening with my wife.

Best Idea You’ve Had in a Long Time

Buying a Mac. I can’t believe I’ve been living without one for all these years!

Place You’d Most Like to Visit

I would love to find my way to Spain or Italy. Having never been out of the US (Tijuana doesn’t count), I’d really enjoy spending some time with my wife in a country with so much history.

What You Must Do Before You Leave This Earth

I want to master grilling so that even Bobby Flay would be impressed. Or cook a meal that even Giada would be proud of. (Too much Food Network for this guy!)