Office Dogs
Shared by admin Monday, November 25, 2013

Here at HEILBrice, our office dogs are more than just family members… they’re also coworkers! We pride our office on being dog friendly, and love the energy and brightness, and smiles that the pups bring to the workplace. Here are profiles of some of the furry friends who come into the office regularly to help you get to know them better.


Human counterpart: Scott Burris

Breed: Minnie Australian Shepherd

Age: 2.5 years (17.5 dog years)

Weight: 24 lbs

Color: Tri-Colored (brown, gold, white)

Nickname: Benny Boo-Boo Child

Likes: Fetch, The Beach, Walks, Squirrels and Scott’s dirty socks

Random Facts: Benny enjoys showing his belly to passer-bys, and recently learned how to climb up lifeguard towers all by himself


CocoCoco Latte

Human counterparts: John and Joni Parenti

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age: 7

Weight: 55 lbs

Nicknames: Coco-girl, Coco-latte, Mademoiselle

Likes: her human parents, discovering new smells on walks, being the most popular girl at doggy day care, fine cuisine, fashionable bandanas,

Fun facts: Since she doesn’t have a tail, Coco wiggles her whole body with happiness. This happy dance has been known to melt even hearts of ice.



Human Counterparts: Jeff and Ally Morris

Breed: Boston Terrier

Age: 7 (acts like a 2 year old).

Weight: 12.5 lbs. on a good day.

Nickname: Jelly Bean, Kook-A-Loo, Cowy, Black and Whitey.

Likes:  To be in charge, making noise with squeaky toys, snuggling, driving in the car, lying in laundry fresh from the dryer, getting blow-dried and sleeping under covers.

Fun Facts:

Cowboy was purchased as a Father’s Day present when his kids couldn’t find the Burberry tie he wanted. He shakes when he’s excited or cold.

The only time he barks is at birds and when the doorbell rings. Other than that, he’s silent and uses his big cartoon eyes and paws to communicate.


Kingston FlagKingston

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 6 years old

Weight: 109 lbs

Nicknames: Kingston Badingston, Kingstonian, The Muffin, The Bear

Likes: going on walks, food of all kinds (even veggies), having his chin scratched, chasing bunnies, life guarding the pool, organic free-range beef, barking at the FedEx delivery man, following Hal everywhere.

Fun facts: Kingston takes his job as head of office security very seriously. He can balance treats on his nose like a professional, is phased by nothing, and has his own facebook page.



Human Counterpart: Jazz Brice

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 2 years old

Weight: 55 lbs

Nicknames: Luca-loo, Luca-locity, The Fox

Likes: women and babies, belly rubs, extracting the stuffing from toys, stealing food from Kingston, posing for photos like a pin-up girl, never being separated from her human (ever)

Fun facts: Luca will roll over onto her belly and wave upon command, and both are pretty dang adorable. She doesn’t have a facebook, but you can find her on instagram under the hashtag #lucathegermanshepherd



Breed: Labrador/Great Dane

Weight: 80 lbs

Nicknames: Tobias, The Tobster

Likes: playing with Kingston, running in circles in open spaces, hot dogs and hamburgers, his two human sisters

Fun facts: Toby is the sweetest, most enthusiastic dog that you could hope to meet. There’s a possibility that he’s related to the inspiration for Scooby Doo on his father’s side.