Online Consumers Beat the Street
Shared by Another Idea from HEILBrice Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Search Reflects Online Demand: Where Are Your Peaks, Valleys and Holidays?

Which consumer market will show up on Black Friday in a down economy?  That is the reeling question every retail analyst wants to know before nervously waiting in the wings as an anxious observer.

Brick and Mortars Slow, but the Internet is Up to Speed

Shoppers in Millions: 195 (‘09) compared to 172 (‘08) – 13.4% increase
Avg. Spend per Shopper: $343.31 (‘09) compared to $372.57 (‘08) – 7.9% decrease
Avg. Online Order:  $170.19 (’09) compared to $126.04 (’08) – 35% increase

Preparation Is the Key

“Google reports that as consumers prepared to shop on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, they were doing their homework online first. Searches for ‘printable coupons’ were up 50%, for example.”

While analysts will always struggle to quantify the incoming waves of purchase intent, one canonical truth of marketing is yet more true year over year:  harnessing demand online is no longer the risk, failing to do so is.  Trends online represent the “immediate now.” Opportunities identified today can be dead tomorrow.  This is why consumers crave an “always on” approach  to search, display and social media from their favorite brands, as well as how brands leverage their market presence.

As with the Holidays, they are here for a minute – like the reported $5.6 million minute at 12:59 p.m. EST – and irretrievable thereafter.  The digital mobility required to capitalize on moments like these is earned day-by-day as search and other interactive marketing channels prepare their audience with broadening digital footprints.

It is the day-to-day transference and interaction with your audience in the places familiar to them, if just in the background, that train audiences, whether they are looking to find or be found by you.

Mountain biking is a hot summer activity and bike shops tend to be busy beginning late spring and into summer, but the digital season for buying and upgrading online is during the winter months while everyone is locked up inside. Often it is a counterintuitive observation that sparks a gain in market share while your competitors are slumbering through their self-imposed “off season.”

When are, and what are you doing with, your peaks and valleys of intent?
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