Plant-Based Lifestyles on the Rise
Shared by taylor Sunday, January 15, 2017

The appeal and potential for responsible products is at an all-time high, and who better to represent that progress than the reigning King & Queen of culture?! We’re talkin’ Jay-Z and Queen Bey. (Fall in formation.) In 2013, the two A-listers brought the vegan lifestyle to the limelight when they completed a 22-day vegan diet…and loved the results. From there they partnered with their trainer, Marco Borges, to launch 22 Days Nutrition.

It’s safe to say that whether or not people stuck with the vegan lifestyle plan, they most certainly tried it. So, pour one out for R.O.C Nation… veganism went straight to the top of the cultural Billboards.

(This personal dietary and lifestyle choice, a purely plant-based code of conduct, exists to create “A world in which humans do not exploit other animals.” Read more on that, and the conversation surrounding the term “vegan” versus “plant based” here.)

Being a vegan means a lot more than simply not eating meat—it’s a commitment to not using any animal products. And, before, it wasn’t always easy for the growing population to find products that fit their way of living. Now, companies have begun to incorporate vegan options and selections, while the number of vegan focused businesses are on the rise. Take, for example, vegan sheets and bedding are available upon request at several chain hotels. Or that the local nail salon may carry vegan polish. Or that vegans now have their own gourmet “cheese” thanks to companies like Field Roast and Punk Rock Labs, among others.

Recent research suggests that 36%-41% of U.S. consumers prefer milk alternatives such as soy or coconut and use meat alternatives instead of visiting their local produce counter, which is substantially more than those who claim to be vegan. This subset of people is referred to as “flexitarians.” As a whole, less meat is being consumed. So, with the addition of these consumers, the opportunity for animal-free products—and the marketing to accompany—is much larger than originally anticipated.

Plant-based eating? Animal welfare? In the next year, and those to come, we’ll see a significant rise in this lifestyle and their accompanying beliefs. Companies will absolutely need to find ways to adapt and increase their service offerings so as not to alienate almost 50% of the U.S. population.

In a recent story published on, Jim Dobson reports the most recent fashion trend to hit the runway; cruelty free, vegan and sustainable. Fashion Designers are not only answering to Animal-Rights Activists, but the public at large. Everything from clothes, to household cleaners to makeup and furniture are in vogue.

…And in demand.

Now’s the time to consider how your company might incorporate special products or choices for this growing population of consumers. Here at HEILBrice we have the research and ability to help you transition your business in this direction while not alienating your current customer base. In the end, your brand will benefit from taking even the smallest step in this direction.