Richtree Grand Opening
Shared by admin Saturday, September 21, 2013


HEILBrice was brought on board to help with the Grand Opening of Richtree Natural Market Restaurant’s new flagship location in Toronto. If you haven’t heard of Richtree yet, we bet you will soon—because they are awesome.  “Richtree Natural Market Restaurant is ‘Where Good Comes Together,’ said Robin Michel, Richtree CEO. “To us, that means bringing together delicious fresh food, made with only natural or organic ingredients sourced from local purveyors, then leveraging the latest technology to create a completely new restaurant experience that has something for everyone.”

They wanted to make sure that they conveyed the heart of their identity to their potential new customers, and that’s where HEILBrice came in. Our team came along side the folks at Richtree to help build strategy and messaging for the Grand Opening, and built all the creative pieces surrounding the messaging.

In addition to standard print and digital, we got the chance to get extra creative: we helped to conceptualize and actualize messaging with the help of walking billboards, and papier-mâché eggs: yep, we said papier-mâché eggs! Street teams handed out these stamped-and-branded creations for two weeks after the grand opening. Customers could bring them into the restaurant for a chance to win prizes, and for every egg brought in, Richtree donated $1 to Second Harvest Food Bank. Talk about a win-win! Working with Richtree was, if you will indulge us the pun, an eggcellent experience.