Behind The Scenes | The Kitchen at Marie Callender’s
Shared by admin Friday, November 30, 2012

For over 60 years the holidays have proved to be the most important time of the year for Marie Callender’s. HEILBrice & Marie Callender’s have worked together over the past six years to make the holidays a sweet success. No pun intended. Well, kind of.

Customers have grown to rely on Marie’s for their legendary pies and incredibly delicious holiday feasts to add that extra special touch. Take a look at some of the work that creates the holiday magic–from Marie’s complete holiday guide, in-store signs, snapshots from the day before and in-person action. You’ll know why Marie‚Äôs iconic pies literally flew off the shelves as fast as bakers and bustling cashiers could ring them up.

If all this feast talk made you hungry, check out the Holiday guide we created for Marie Callender’s below and why not pick up some pie on your way home?