The Ten Tables of The Holidays
Shared by admin Friday, November 17, 2017

Yes, there are more than ten ways to celebrate. But the ten unique Holiday experiences we created in a single day, probably cover at least a few of yours, from tamale making to game day, even that thing that happens at the office once a year.

Marketers know that customers are frantic around the Holidays, when shopping for the most important meals of the year often turns into a search-and-extract operation at full warp speed. Food advertising in the supermarket category tends to feature “features” – prices and items designed to be loud and demanding. But Smart & Final wanted to be bold and talk about something else.

“Tables” encourages Smart & Final customers to focus just for a bit on the end result. For the host, it’s when all the planning and worrying is done and everyone comes together around a beautiful table you’ve created. That’s when you get to experience moments that you’ll remember long after the stuffing is gone.

And along the way, we showcased the fact that Smart & Final is really THE one store where you can pull everything together quickly and easily—for less.

This shoot marks the first time we’ve ever lit a stage, set up a camera—and then just left it there all-day long. Didn’t move once. The production team created ten different Holiday tables (including one where the meal was already over!) and artfully staged them under the camera.

Our objectives were to appeal to the emotions of a host who wants it all to be perfect and to show him or her how Smart & Final can make those meals that matter most—absolutely perfect.

Smart & Final’s “Tables” is currently on the air in Southern California.

We also complimented the broadcast with Out-of-Home and print advertisements.