Smart & Final Santa Rosa | Grand Opening
Shared by admin Thursday, May 30, 2013

Customers love Smart & Final because it offers the best of both worlds: Grocery store convenience and club store value in one stop.

But Santa Rosa had never heard of a Smart & Final – so they came to HEILBrice to help define the uniqueness of this store and develop a clever way to introduce it to the neighborhood.

The new tag-line we created for them captures the true benefit of shopping there: “Warehouse Prices. Big & Small Sizes”.  We translated that thought into billboards, exterior signing, and a clever set of in-store signs that help demonstrate that whether you’re cooking for 2 – or feeding 200 – Smart & Final is the store for you.

The New Santa Rosa store opened to GREAT SUCCESS – and the “Warehouse Prices. Big & Small Sizes” revolution is now happening at ALL Smart & Final Stores. Watch out Downtown Los Angeles… here we come!  (Smart & Final opens there on July 17- and HEILBrice will be right there with them to Grand Open this store too!)

Grand Opening!