From social media, to eCommerce, to my doorstep.
Shared by Scott Burris Friday, June 13, 2014

I wanted to share this story of how amazing today’s ecommerce and connectivity are. Just the other day while I was flicking through my instagram feed, I was stopped in my tracks and mesmerized by this wonderful photo.



Although I’m not normally the biggest fan of the feet selfies movement (aka #fromwhereistand) I was overwhelmed with joy by this welcome mat. I love music and I love lyrics, and the use of this particular line from one of my all time favorite songs, “Can I kick it” by A Tribe Called Quest, ( ) was just too perfect. It made me smile and do a quiet little dance. And I thought to myself wouldn’t it be awesome if I could share this same joy with my houseguests.

So I double tapped my phone and flicked over to the internet. And after a simple “shopping” search for a “rhythm rug” I was logged-in, checked-out and pre-ordered within a matter of minutes. And just like that, a quick 3-5 business days later I find myself the proud owner of my very own Rhythm Rug. And needless to say, it spreads that same smile of joy across my face everytime I come home and has landed numerous compliments. Thank you internet, you win again. Now if I could just find a “Spread your arms if you really need a hug” t-shirt, life will be complete.