Teamwork: One of the most important assets of agency life.
Shared by admin Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coexisting under the same roof on a daily basis makes you realize how important relationships are in the agency world. You have the ability to notice little details about each person you work with, and appreciate them for it. These people become a part of your family in the agency world. You learn, just like in any other relationship their strengths, weaknesses and boundaries. These relationships are the assets that help the agency grow as a whole.

Teamwork and relationships are extremely important and highly valued at HEILBrice.  The creative team sits down to discuss the strategy, concept and the creative direction that’s right for a client on a daily basis. All ideas are heard and considered, and in the end, a final piece is executed. For example, recently we worked on a project for The Food Emporium Trading Company.

which was a bit of a challenge as the communication between everyone working on the project had to be consistent. The final execution was a collaboration of three creative minds and our copywriter, which the client really appreciated.

We do many things as a team at HB including interviewing potential employees, have BBQs in the parking lot and volunteer all to add a little spark to everyday life. Last winter our entire agency donated their time at the local Food Bank to sort through fresh food for the homeless. We also purchased the delicious Marie Callender’s Holiday Feasts and delivered them to needy families and homeless shelters around Orange County. It feels really good to help out and work as a team doing it.

We work hard and play hard, but in the end, it would not be possible without the people around us.