Ten Questions with Kimberly Dunn
Shared by Joni Brice Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kim CakesKimberly Dunn is a senior media planner who recently joined our team at HEILBrice. With her experience and high energy, she’s already made a strong contribution to our clients’ business and to the agency kitchen with her newly developed cake-decorating skills. Now, let’s get to know Kimberly on a more personal level.

ANGELA: How long have been working in this industry and how did you get started?
KIMBERLY: Three years now.  I got a great opportunity right out of college as an assistant media planner at an ad agency in Santa Monica working on DIRECTV digital media and moved up from there.

ANGELA: What is it that a senior media planner does?
KIMBERLY: I recommend where the advertising dollars should be spent and then help select when and where those ads are placed. Another media planner once told me that we’re teeing up the ball for the creative folks to hit it out of the park.

ANGELA: Does your job come with a lot of pressure?
KIMBERLY: Sure, just like anyone else here, there are crunch times that bring stress, but it ebbs and flows.

ANGELA: How do you like working at HEILBrice?
KIMBERLY: Love it! The people are great, everyone is crazy smart and dependable. And I don’t mind the 15-minute commute either!

ANGELA: Name the top four artists on your iPod?
KIMBERLY: This is super sad and pathetic but I have never owned an iPod. But to the point, two artists I will always love: Journey and the Backstreet Boys (oh yes, the BSB). A couple artists I’ve been listening to lately: Lady Gaga and Mumford & Sons.

ANGELA: What do you enjoy most about your job?
KIMBERLY: Oddly enough, it’s actually pretty creative. We get a set of guidelines, some more broad than others, and we develop a vision for how to best achieve the client’s advertising goals. There are so many interesting media options out there that the possibilities are endless. You can think of 20 completely different media plans that could do the job well.

ANGELA: Tell me about a typical workday for you.
KIMBERLY: Hmm … hard to say. Our responsibilities on the media team are pretty broad so the typical day is hard to imagine. One day I’m setting up tracking for digital campaigns, while the next day I’m developing full-year TV and radio plans. I do typically drink multiple cups of coffee to stay on track and I always have a bowl of soup for lunch. Mmmmm.

ANGELA: Do you have a favorite project that you’re working on? Why?
KIMBERLY: We’re currently finishing up 2011 plans for A&P and that has been an exciting process. This was a great example of having a million solutions to the same challenge. It’s been a great growth opportunity for me to work through all the options with the media team and narrow it down to the final recommendation.

ANGELA: I hear you have some hidden creative talents … hint, hint … cake decorating! Tell us more about this new passion of yours.
KIMBERLY: I have always LOVED baking and trying to make pretty cakes, but I sadly had no talent or skills. So, my very loving husband enrolled me in a cake-decorating class as a Christmas gift. Best.Gift.Ever!  I’m by far the messiest person in class, but I’m having a ball and learning a lot. The HEILBrice team has been gracious enough to eat all of my class projects. One of my cakes was even purchased here at HEILBrice! Maybe a career switch is in my future. …

ANGELA: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
KIMBERLY:  My husband and I watch a lot of cooking shows and love to try out new meals. He’s come up with some pretty amazing creations, but me … not so much. Still, it’s always fun to try to be “Top Chefs.”