The Pokémon Go Bug. Have you Caught it?
Shared by taylor Friday, July 15, 2016

A bunch of us were sitting in a meeting this past week when a Raichu jumped on the shoulder of one of our creatives. The meeting paused – to the delight of some and friendly disapproval of others – so the Raichu could be caught.

Yeah, we’re playing the game. We’re also debating it and studying it to the nth degree so that we’re prepared for the resulting global shift in AR Advertising. The opportunities for brands to level up is already upon us but this new foursquare meets fun platform has yet to be completely discovered.

Here’s our take on the state of Go…

“Being in the industry I just wanted to download it as market research.  Next thing you know I’m a level four Vernonat hunter with Magikarp and Caterpie galore. OK, I get what all the fuss is about and can’t even fathom the marketing possibilities that are going to come out of this. It’s crazy seeing something like augmented reality that has been a buzz word for years finally find it’s calling and just blow up like this. I’m sure QR codes are rolling over in their graves. I can’t wait to see where our industry can take this and how it all plays out.”

-Scott Burris
Creative Director


“When Pokémon Go started trending on social media, I of course had to download the App to see what all the buzz was about. To my surprise, I actually really enjoyed playing the game. The most interesting part to me though…small businesses are already catching on and implementing various marketing tactics, like the use of Lure Modules (a thing that attracts Pokémon) to attract Pokémon hunters into their stores. Everywhere you go you see someone catching local Pokémon or grabbing goodies from the nearest Pokéstop…I’m not kidding when I say EVERYWHERE – I witnessed at least three people playing this morning in the line at Starbucks. My latest obsession with the game…Snapchatting everyone I see playing in public…watch out you might end up on My Story!”   
-Taylor LaMott
Social Media Manager


“When I first heard about Pokémon Go, being an avid gamer / pokemon fan I knew I had to download it. What I didn’t expect was sitting at a Pokéstop that had an insense power up, catching pokemon and chatting with complete strangers. This game is amazing, it is getting people out of their houses to exercise and socialize. After further research, Niantic the company behind the game, was created by former Google employees, and as a developer I knew that they were going to leverage the latest technology. We are only seeing the beginning of what this game has to offer.”
-Travis Cannon
Project Manager/Developer
“The virality this game has seen is shocking! I personally have not played it, but I definitely see it’s potential as a powerful advertising tool. I did my own research after it started trending and found out that it now rivals Snapchat, Twitter, and Tinder in engagement and downloads in the first few weeks. INSANE! That is not an easy club to join.”
-Dylan Roley
Account Executive
“Suddenly I see people walking around (without taking their eyes from the screen), stoping (no matter where they’re at), crazily taping the screen a couple times, cheering (or cursing) and repeating all over again. Still wondering what’s going on, I get to the office and realize my co-workers are chasing Pokémons! No doubt augmented reality brings a new perspective and fun interaction between game and reality! Will we soon be bumping into holograms of Pikachu and dodging flying Poké balls?“  
-Natascha Murachovsky 
Account Coordinator
My initial experience with Pokémon goes back almost 20 years when I used to help my little brother beat the Red/Blue series on our Gameboy. Flash forward—he’s now in his early 20’s hooked all over again and having to help my youngest sister catch her own. It’s cool to see a whole new generation get exposed to this addicting series. I plan to stay away since my deteriorating vision is a direct result of staring at that 100 pixel Gameboy screen for hours at time.” 
Ralf Bennett
Senior Account Executive
When I first heard about Pokémon Go I really didn’t think much of it, just another trendy app to pass the time. HOWEVER, this game is so immersive and just hints at the possibilities of augmented reality. I’m really excited to see how advertising will come into play in the near future.” 
John Valdez
Jr. Art Director
“I’m impressed at how quickly this game has become so popular with everyone. The great thing about it – it can appeal to all ages. I think we’ll be seeing more of this type of fun game app showing up – that integrates the real world with digital.  I’ll be trying it out this weekend!”
Debbie Collins
Sr. Art Director
“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
-Taylor Moore

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