It’s Time For Style
Shared by admin Sunday, December 1, 2013

Each new season, we compile a campaign style guide for The Clippers.

The guide provides guidelines for all the creative that will be produced for the year’s campaign to make sure that the Clippers brand is communicated consistently, and includes examples of all the elements of the creative efforts: treatments, textures, fonts, headlines, etcetera.

We knew this year was going to be unlike any other we have seen since we partnered with the team in 1999. There is an energy and anticipation surrounding the Clippers— an air of excitement and eagerness felt about the team that has been built, the momentum that has been gained, and the opportunities for what lies ahead.

Clipper Nation is ready for this moment. This team. This chance… and so we arrived at our tagline for 2013-2014: IT’S TIME.

To kick off the season under new head coach Doc Rivers, we wanted to give the Clippers a new approach to embrace.  By creating an all-encompassing campaign style guide, we were able to share this new campaign throughout all touch points. Thanks to our guide, Fox Sports has “It’s Time” promos, AEG plays “It’s Time” videos inside Staples Center, and KFWB 980 radio uses the guide for its Clippers promos. We’ve built a complete campaign that extends throughout broadcast, corporate sponsor opportunities, and every touch point of Los Angeles Clippers Basketball… from TV bumpers to outdoor boards, it’s completely integrated and completely wonderful.

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