Home (and Office!) Is Where The Pets Are
Shared by Nicole Avila Monday, July 10, 2017

We love our pets here at HEILBrice! HEILBrice has been dog friendly way before it was cool for employees to bring in their favorite four legged friend to the workplace. The open door policy extends to employees and clients’ dogs as well. Practically every day, we have at least two dogs wandering around the kitchen waiting for a treat so we make sure that our weekly grocery list includes their treat of choice-organic dried salmon. Pets enrich our lives by providing us unconditional love and emotional support. Having them around make stressful tasks less stressful. With pride, here are the HB pets and their human counterparts…




My name is Livy and I’m a total diva. Feisty, confident and in control at all times. My looks take me far at the office, everyone wants to shower me with love, attention, and more importantly their table scraps. I work the system well. I never show up to work without a bow. On Wednesdays I wear pink!

Human Counterpart: Alana Walker

Breed: Part Teddy Bear

Age: 1 1/2

Weight: Apparently 11 lbs is overweight to Dr. Calley

Nicknames: Bear, Boo Boo, Princess, Baby, Little Miss

Likes: Playing with her toys especially Lambie and Piggy, Playing Fetch, chasing squirrels, mail men and any other person she thinks is a stranger.

Fun Facts: She likes to sleep with her neck resting on yours in the morning. She’s a total diva and spoiled brat and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fun Story: I had a date and the first thing little miss did (as a baby) was attack the poor guy, drawing blood. No clue if he needed stitches, we ended things shortly after. lol.




Human Counterpart: Michael Hain

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 9

Weight: On a diet, working on becoming more svelte.

Nicknames: Ranger Danger, Mr. Pup E. Kins

Likes: Fetching tennis balls, chasing squirrels up trees, barking at the mailman and having his backside scratched.

Fun Facts: You know how some people have their special blankeys, well for Ranger it is a tennis ball. He pretty much always has one in his mouth or in very close proximity to him. He sleeps with his tennis ball.

Fun Story: I picked his name because when I got him, he was from a litter of 10 puppies that my neighbor had. While his other brothers were wrestling and playing, Ranger was off by himself just exploring and sniffing. Our thought was that he was a lot like the Lone Ranger. That seemed like a bit of a long name, so I dropped the Lone, and thus the name Ranger was born.




Name: Marley

Human counterpart: Cailey

Breed: Havanese

Age: 11

Weight: 15 lbs

Color: Black and White

Nickname: Marles, Pup, Nugget, Muppet, Bear, Little Dude, Little Marl

Likes: going on walks and sniffing *everything*, chicken, salmon, peanut butter, sunbathing, getting his chest scratched, sleeping

Fun facts: named after Bob Marley, is afraid of tall people and swimming, sleeps with his tongue out, has a yin-yang on his fur

Favorite story: When Marley was a puppy, he was always super excited when I came home from school so he would sprint around our entire house and backyard and then come inside and wait for me to pet him. One time it was raining so our backyard was incredibly muddy, but Marley still sprinted around our house and the backyard and then came inside and made a mess. He was covered in mud and dirty paw prints were everywhere!




Human counterpart: Scott Burris

Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd

Age: 6 (28 dog years)

Weight: 24 lbs

Color: Tri-Colored (brown, gold, white)

Nickname: Benny Boo-Boo Child

Likes: Fetch, The Beach, Walks, Squirrels and Scott’s dirty socks

Fun Facts: Benny enjoys showing his belly to passer-bys, and recently learned how to climb up lifeguard towers all by himself.




Human Counterpart: Hal and August Brice

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 8 years old

Weight: 110 lbs

Nicknames: Kingston Badingston, Kingstonian, The Muffin, The Bear

Likes: going on walks, food of all kinds (even veggies), having his chin scratched, chasing bunnies, life guarding the pool, organic free-range beef, barking at the FedEx delivery man, following Hal everywhere.

Fun Facts: Kingston takes his job as head of office security very seriously. He can balance treats on his nose like a professional, is fazed by nothing, and has his own Facebook page.


Beau & Nellie 


Human Counterpart: Taylor Moore

Breed: Beau: Lab // Nellie: Beagle

Age: Beau: 7 yrs // Nellie: 12 yrs

Weight: Overweight

Nicknames: Beau: Bozo // Nellie: Admiral Nelson

Likes: Beau: Food, the ocean, food! // Nellie: Food and naps.

Fun Facts: Beau is a Certified Therapy Dog (visits people in the hospitals to cheer them up). // Nellie was found on the side of the road in Nelson County, Virginia (hence her name).





Human Counterpart: Deb

Breed: English Cream Dachshund

Age: 13

Weight: 16 lbs

Nicknames: Opiedog, Furboy, Opie Wan Kanope, D’Opie

Likes: Chasing balls, squeaky toys, bully sticks, belly rubs.

Fun Facts: Dachshunds were bred to dig and flush out badgers burrowed in the ground. True to form, Opie loves to ‘bury’ his toys in piles of blankets and dig them out. Dachshund is German for “little pain in the a***.”




Human Counterpart: Nicole Avila

Breed: Tortie-Point Siamese Mix

Age: 2

Weight: A lady never reveals her weight.

Nicknames: Moomoo, Little Bear, Fofinha (Little Cutie in Portuguese), Little Girl

Likes: Looking out the window keeping track of what’s going on in the neighborhood, looking out for birds, chasing bugs, eating chicken wings with Mom, eating anything, sleeping, supervised walks outside.

Fun Facts: Mia was a runt born in the backyard of her human’s best friend’s boyfriend’s mother’s house (you’ll have to read that a few more times). Part of that litter included Mia’s brother, Carl. Carl went to her human’s best friend and so she occasionally still gets to see him (whether they recognize or acknowledge each other is TBD). Mia’s human dreamed of having a Siamese style cat with blue eyes one day, but never thought it’d happen. Mia came into her owner’s life by fate and because she was so small, it was a miracle she grew strong enough to survive and now is a happy, spoiled cat living in Huntington Beach with her parents.




Human Counterpart: Robert

Breed: Not sure. But she is a mix bundle of joy and unbridled energy.

Age:  12 weeks

Weight: Svelte and growing taller by the hour!

Nicknames:  Bon Bon, Babies and lately, STOP AND NO!

Likes: Terrorizing my older two cats.  Climbing the shoe shelves and pushing everything down!  Digging the roots of my live orchids.

Fun facts: We rescued Bonnie from our office parking lot where she was found hiding in one of the car’s engines. She was dirty and flea infested and required an emergency trip to the vet. Fast forward to her life now where she only eats organic and no grain cat food served on a porcelain dish.

Fun story: None yet since all I do is clean up after her….